Saturday, August 25, 2012

Music Playlist

Hi Guys! I want to share to you my top 10 favorite songs on my playlist.

10. Taya - Up Dharma Down

      I've been an avid fan of their music and this song is my favorite of them all.

9. I still remember - Bloc Party

    Whenever I hear this song, It always makes me remember how love is all about courage. Good song to play while watching the stars. haha

8. Sing it back - Moloko
    First heard it at the movie Repo Man. This music made the sex scene even sexier. haha

7. Naive - The Kooks
    Who wouldn't love those thick english accents. Luke Pritchard people. who wouldn't love his voice?

6. On Melancholy Hill - The Gorillaz

    Hearing this makes me want to buy a submarine and live on it.

5. Fake tales of San Francisco - The Arctic Monkeys

    The drummer. period.

4. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

    The guy who's dancing at the video. Epic.

3. Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykke Li feat. Bon Iver

    I LOVE her since forever. Her music is effortlessly made and her quirkiness is a plus. Just look at the video how free-spirited she is. And having Bon Iver in it made it even better.

2. Electric Feel - MGMT

    I have always been a sucker with weird kids playing their shit like they don't care. Hearing this makes you want to wear a spandex and dance flamboyantly in the middle of the streets.

1. Heart skipped a beat - The XX

    This song always put's me in my happy place.

That's all folks!
I hope you guys liked my post and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I do. :)


Friday, August 17, 2012

Outfit Post (8)

Hi guys! It's almost 3 am and I just got home from a very weird day. It started with me doing some errands for my mom at 1 pm then had tea with my very good friend, Dannin Labordo at Moonleaf at 5 and met up with Nadine Macandog to watch the Battle of the Bands at Ateneo. In my 4 years in Ateneo, It was my first time to watch the battle of the bands or any event at our school. That's how anti-social I am in school. It was wonderful seeing my department, ABBS, winning the battle of the bands. (di ba? first time to watch, winner pa ang department namin. feeling lucky charm tuloy ako. echos lang. :D) Anyway, The weird part of my day, hmmm. I dunno if I have the guts to talk about it here. (Diary lang?) I just have to keep that part to myself or I'll just chika to anyone who is interested to hear it. (pm me na lang guys. haha. artista? haha)

Okay now, on with my outfit post. First of all, I want to express my out most gratitude to my amazing, sexy and generous girlfriend/BFF who gave me this wonderful disc bag from Junk Studio! It's very cute no? Aimee Macandog, if ever you're reading this, I LOVE YOU! I love the bag and I am really going to make sundo you at the airport on the 20th! haha. I am so lucky to have a very generous CPA bestfriend. haha Super Compliment tlga ako. I'm sorry guys if I'm speaking in Taglish, I am soooo happy and weirdly hyper to express everything in english. haha. Anywhooo, I don't wanna bore you guys with my random ramblings. So here was my outfit from today yesterday! :D

Lion Necklace from Dushbag
Tiered top and denim button-down with velvet collar and cuff from the ukay-ukay
Disc Bag from Junk Studio
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