Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outfit Post (2)

I am always a fan of the button-down shirts. I have tons of them in my closet and this denim one is my recent favorite. It was a great buy from the ukay-ukay for only 50 pesos. *Love the ukay-ukay.* Most of my clothes are all bought from the ukay-ukay. haha. Anyway, The blazer that I am wearing is from my mom's closet. It's from the 90's where power dressing was the hype and women started to throw the apron and dominate the corporate world. I had salvaged all the suits, blazers, etc. that my mom had in her closet. I think my mom was happy that her clothes are being used again, instead of it being kept away from the closet. Anywhooo*, I would like to thank again Nadine Macandog of The Purple Centipede for taking my pictures and for being my date these past few days. Love you bebelabs!

Bag, Tsoknat
Belt and Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes, Thrifted
Button-down Shirt: Thrifted, Blazer: Mom's Closet
DSC03087 DSC03089 DSC03093


  1. Love the colors. I like how your red blazer mixed and really matched on your denim button up. THUMBS UP!

    xx Diana

    1. Thank you diana! :) thanks for dropping by! :)