Saturday, August 25, 2012

Music Playlist

Hi Guys! I want to share to you my top 10 favorite songs on my playlist.

10. Taya - Up Dharma Down

      I've been an avid fan of their music and this song is my favorite of them all.

9. I still remember - Bloc Party

    Whenever I hear this song, It always makes me remember how love is all about courage. Good song to play while watching the stars. haha

8. Sing it back - Moloko
    First heard it at the movie Repo Man. This music made the sex scene even sexier. haha

7. Naive - The Kooks
    Who wouldn't love those thick english accents. Luke Pritchard people. who wouldn't love his voice?

6. On Melancholy Hill - The Gorillaz

    Hearing this makes me want to buy a submarine and live on it.

5. Fake tales of San Francisco - The Arctic Monkeys

    The drummer. period.

4. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

    The guy who's dancing at the video. Epic.

3. Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykke Li feat. Bon Iver

    I LOVE her since forever. Her music is effortlessly made and her quirkiness is a plus. Just look at the video how free-spirited she is. And having Bon Iver in it made it even better.

2. Electric Feel - MGMT

    I have always been a sucker with weird kids playing their shit like they don't care. Hearing this makes you want to wear a spandex and dance flamboyantly in the middle of the streets.

1. Heart skipped a beat - The XX

    This song always put's me in my happy place.

That's all folks!
I hope you guys liked my post and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I do. :)



  1. You have great taste in music! I listen to Up Dharma Down, too, as well as Bloc Party and Lykke Li! <3

    Daphne of Metamorphosis